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Artificial wetlands for waste water treatment





GeoAmbient innovates with the most sustainable technologies, realizing a design adjusted to its specific needs and coordinating the installation to support the processing objects.

Application of artificial wetlands in the treatment of vineyard and industrial wastewater

Compact treatments

Easy to install

Minimum surface requirement

Non-skilled labour for operation and maintenance


GeoAmbient designs and builds sanitary wastewater treatment plants for residential areas of up to 2,000 inhabitants. Eq. with the most innovative techniques, vertical and/or horizontal flow ponds, biodiscs, Imhoff tanks, automated pretreatments, reuse systems and adaptations to specific needs. Ensuring high efficiency, reducing maintenance costs, guaranteeing a sustainable environment and promoting a circular economy

French artificial wetlands: in situ sludge management

Energy self-sufficiency through renewable energy

Biodisks and artificial wetlands

Implementation, remote process control and commissioning


GeoAmbient installs treatment plants for each type of landfill adapted to the specific composition of the leachate. Sustainable techniques such as horizontal and vertical flow ponds, classic techniques such as decantation, flocculation and osmosis are combined with innovative techniques such as membrane superfiltration, to achieve the established purification objectives.

Artificial wetlands in landfill leachate treatment RNP

Reverse osmosis wetlands for landfill leachate treatment RNP

Bio Membrane Reactor, Ultrafiltration and activated carbon