Petrol station decontamination – Sallent          


-Old petrol station/garage – New petrol station building

-Alluvial subsoil, waterproof substrate and intermittent water level.

Parameters to be treated

-2 sources in unsaturated zone (UZ): heavy hydrocarbons engine oil type C21-C35 (900 m2) and moderately light hydrocarbons C16-C21 (4,000 m2)

-LNAPL plume by a mixture of hydrocarbons.


-Selective excavation of polluted soils in the source zone and management to controlled landfill.

-Installation of drainage system and collection of the LNAPL by extraction wells.

-Soil washing in UZ at source area by infiltration of surfactants.

-Automatic pump and treat unit according to water level.

-Biostimulation of bacterial populations in the final stages of the project.

Results obtained

-Recovery of 0.8 m3 of LNAPL and 300 m3 of polluted water treatment.

-Complete removal of LNAPL.

-Reduction of dissolved concentrations in a 99%.


1,5 years: August 2012 – December 2014

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