SEVESO industrial facility in Malgrat de Mar

Conceptual framework

-Active industrial facilty on the Catalan coast. Site polluted by fuel due to leaks from old pipelines and underground fuel tanks.

-Goal: Source removal, selective excavation of polluted soils by hydrocarbons and LNAPL removal.

Operations carried out

-Dismantling and management of old pipelines and fuel tank (source).

-First phase of excavation removing the pyrite ashes to stabilize, avoiding the mixing of different kinds of waste.

-Excavation slope stabilization by piloting with crowning beam.

-Second phase of excavation to remove and manage the polluted soils by fuel and reach the water table: 800 t of polluted soils managed to class II landfill.

-Promote the mobilization of the fuel to the bottom of excavation, in order to be able to pump the LNAPL. First by a self-priming tank truck. Later, by an oleophilic skimmer followed by pump and treat. Finally by an oleophilic absorbent material. 8.000 kg of fuel emulsion has been managed.

Results obtained

-3 months of works.

-100% removal of hydrocarbon LNAPL.

-100% of the remaining excavated soil is OK. Not only in heavy metals but also in TPH.

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