Protected beach in Capdepera, Mallorca


Conceptual framework

  • Location affected by 3.600 L insulating oil spill from electric cable between Mallorca and Menorca.
  • Selected techniques:

-In situ sand cleaning with hydrocarbons.

-In situ groundwater pumping and treatment.

  • Emergency project: 4 weeks of execution, March 2017.


Complementary research

  • initial state evaluation of the affectation.

In situ sand excavation and cleaning

  • 300 m3 recirculation pond. 30 m3 activated carbon.

Groundwater pump & treat

  • Free phase product and dissolved hydrocarbon elimination.



  • 6000 m3 water treatment of processes with 300 m3 recirculation pond, constant renovation and purification with 30 m3 of activated carbon, sea water catchment, absorption and oils decantation.
  • Groundwater pump & treat, more than 1.750 m3 treated, free phase product and dissolved hydrocarbon elimination.
  • Reduction of TPH concentration more than 97%.
  • High effectiveness technique, efficient and costs reduction, without spill management neither transport nor sand replacement.
  • Technical supervision, analytic control, work monitoring, customer and administration endorsement and validation.
  • Approval an validation by the client and administrations.

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