Conceptual framework

  • Presence of a condition caused by heavy metals, hydrocarbons and organochlorines resulting from accidental spillage.
  • Whole sanitation project for the entire underground environment, soil and water matrices.


Environmental improvement project:

  • Water: Pump&Treat system, complemented with Air Sparging.
  • Soils: Soil Vapor extraction system complemented with selective excavation of the focus areas, involving the treatment of the soil insitu using a static biopile and stabilization of metals for valorization on site.
  • Control and monitoring of groundwater with a month regularity.
  • Control and monitoring of the unsaturated zone through vapor sampling with a month regularity.
  • Control and monitoring of both water and vapor treatment systems with a month regularity.
  • Presentation of results with QGIS software based on DRON photography.



  • Complete sanitation of the saturated underground environment, reaching values lower than those set by the competent administration, as well as those established according to Quantitative Risk Analysis.
  • Selective excavation and soil treatment phase in the process of execution. Pollution reduction values of treated soils bigger than 90%.
  • Selective excavation action in 4 specific focus, 3 of them already validated with sampling of remaining soils.

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