Accident in solvent recycling plant


Conceptual framework

  • December 2019 accident: solvent explosion and fire of piled materials.
  • Spill of solvent in subsoil and Besós river, high mean of permeability, volatile contaminant, of high mobility and high environmental risk.
  • Soil and groundwater contamination in an area of several hectares.
  • Emergency actions, fast treatment systems and long-term.


  • Selective excavation: emergency action in Besós river.
  • Research, delimit, contamination: 60 soundings, 16 Ha. Contamination: BTEX, TPH, COOHV, THF. ACR with 10 modelled scenes.
  • Groundwater pump & treat: network of 25 prepared piezometer. Capacity > 25 m3/h. 24 h / 365 days.


  • Water quality recovery in spill spot in a few weeks.
  • Delimitation of focus area in polluted soils. Delimitation of water affected pollution plum.
  • Mobilisation retention of polluted pollution plum in 5 months. Pollution plum area significative reduction with a few months of pumping.

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