Petrol station decontamination – Tàrrega                 


-Active petrol station and gasoil distribution center.

-Fractured rocky substratum and semi-confined aquifer.

Parameters to be treated

-Pollution by C10-C30 hydrocarbons, BTEX and MTBE in unsaturated zone (UZ). LNAPL plume and dissolved phase in aquifer (3,000 m2).


-Determination of migration pathways by tracers.

-Soil washing in UZ at source area by infiltration of surfactants.

-Automatic pump and treat unit with remote control via PC.

-Telematic control of the water table and meteorological conditions for controll of medium response and optimization of the recovery of the LNAPL.

-Biostimulation of bacterial populations in the final phases of the project.

Results obtained

-Recovery of 1.5 m3 of LNAPL and treatment of 11.000 m3 of polluted waters.

-Reduction of dissolved concentrations in a 99%.


3 years: October 2009 – January 2012

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