Environmental improvement related to activity cessation


Conceptual framework

  • Activity cessation in a waste-water treatment plant zone and chemical products storehouse in the TM of Sant Pere de Torelló.
  • Subsoil impact with a total pollution plum of 1.400 m2.
  • Environmental improvement with coactivity of the new property on the plot.


  • To reduce chlorinated solvents concentration in ground water.


  • In situ chemical oxidation (ISCO)
  • To inject chemical oxidant agents in focus zone.


  • Construction of infiltration trench perpendicular to pollution plum and underground flow direction.
  • Infiltration equipment adapted to a volume of 2 m3.
  • A total volume of 10.710 L (oxidant solution) is injected.
  • Analytic control of water quality in the beginning, during the operation and at the end of actions.

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