Cadre conceptuelConceptual framework

  • Different focus of hydrocarbon damage in both soil and groundwater, in an area bigger than 3.000 m2
  • Multitechnique treatment. Combination of different decontamination techniques to achieve the objectives of subsoil environmental improvement.


  • Multistage High Vacuum Extraction (MPE) System
    Pure product extraction system, high vacuum aspiration of contaminants in the form of vapor from the upper unsaturated zone, capillary fringe and dissolved contaminants in the lower saturated zone of the subsoil.
    Specific MPE actions using mobile equipment according to the evolution of the pollution plume.
  • Passive ventilation
    Passive introduction of air in the focus zone to facilitate the volatilization of hydrocarbons in the unsaturated zone and enhance the aerobic biodegradation of hydrocarbons in situ.
  • In situ oxidation
    In situ chemical degradation of the contaminant through injection of oxidizing solutions into the underground environment.

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