Chemical activity cessation in Sant Adrià del Besòs a Research, QRA and subsoil remediation


Conceptual framework

  • 756 m2 plot with 3.600 m2 of soil affected by arsenic, lead, antimony, chloroform and mineral oils (TPHs).
  • Groundwaters affected by chloroform.
  • QRA: non-acceptable risk for volatile inhalation in interior space (chloroform).
  • Complete actuation in 15 months.


Inv. Activity cessation, Inv. Detailed

  • 35 soundings, 4 research phases
  • plant exterior + interior.


  • non-acceptable risk.
  • Determination of non-risk concentration (SSTL).

Remediation project

  • Soils: selective excavation + oxidation.
  • Water: oxidation.

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