Industrial plant SEVESO in Malgrat de Mar


Conceptual framework

  • Active industrial plant in the Catalan littoral. Location polluted by fuel due to a leak of old grooving and underground fuel tanks.
  • Goals: focus elimination, selective excavation of hydrocarbon impacted lands and elimination of floating free phase.


  1. Contamination focus dismantling à old grooving and fuel tank.
  2. First phase of pyrite ashes excavation for stabilising, avoiding mixing the different types of waste
  3. Excavation slope stabilisation by pile barrier with coronation beam
  4. Second phase of excavation to groundwater level to remove and manage the land impacted by fuel: 800 tons managed to class II landfill
  5. Fuel mobilisation to the bottom of excavation to pump the free phase in three stages: self-suction tank truck, oleophilic skimmer with pumping and treatment, and finally through oleophilic absorbent material. Managed 8.000 kg of fuel emulsion.


  • 3 months of operative.
  • Total elimination of hydrocarbon in free phase.
  • 100% of remaining soils of excavation meet safety standards, both in metals and in TPH.

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