Industrial state of La Florida in Santa Perpètua de M.

Conceptual framework

  • Geoambient detects the potential impact in areas located in a preliminary subsoil study.
  • Actions of buried waste selective excavation are realised and an old, buried diesel oil tank is moved away.
  • Methods: research, delimitation, excavation, validation and move of waste at final authorized disposition centre.

Actions – waste kg managed

Polluted waters

  • 4 interventions with tank truck.
  • Managed in treatment plant.

a total of 33.677 kg.


Lands with dangerous substances

  • class II – non-dangerous controlled tank.

a total of 381.540 kg.


Large cans, containers and tarps with dangerous substances

  • managed in a dangerous waste landfill – class III.

a total of 9.020 kg.

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