Industrial plant SEVESO in Malgrat de Mar


Conceptual framework

  • Active industrial plant in the Catalan littoral. Location polluted by a former chemical industry that made sulfuric acid from the second roasting of pyrite ashes.
  • Goals: limit the leaching of heavy metals, avoiding its mobilization towards the water table.


Parameters to address

  • Pollution of dangerous waste and remaining soil, principally by As and Pb.
  • Affected area > 22.000 m2.
  • Treated volume > 15.000 m3.


  • In situ treatment: excavation with sifting, spreading, stabilisation, filling and compaction.
  • Finalisation with double superficial waterproof treatment and gradients for the correct gestion of runoff waters.


  • 8 months of stabilisation operative.
  • 100 % remaining soils remaining soils meet safety standards .
  • 100 % stabilised soils remaining soils meet safety standards (52% with controlled deposit concentration of Class I – inerts, 48 % with deposit concentrations of Class II – not dangerous).

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