Petrol station decontamination – Lliçà d’Amunt        


-Old petrol station in service, with several leaks episodes.

-Rocky substrate with permeable levels and semi-confined aquifer.

Parameters to be treated

-C5-C22, BTEX and MTBE hydrocarbons pollution in unsaturated zone (UZ). LNAPL plume and dissolved phase in the surface aquifer (4.000 m2).


-EXAT unit of DPE by high vacuum with security automatisms, programmable via GSM.

-Filtration of gases by activated carbon, decantation-separation of the liquid phase and stripping tower.

-Bioaumentation in the final phase of the project for recalcitrant compounds.

Results obtained

-Recovery of 8 m3 of LNAPL, 5 t of VOC in gas form and 800 m3 of impacted waters treatment.

-99% reduction of concentrations in groundwater and subsoil vapors.

-Completely removal of LNAPL


-4 years: November 2011 – Dicember 2015

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