Decontamination of oil facilities– Las Palmas      



-Storage facilities of oil products in harbor area.

-Very heterogeneous volcanic substrate, water table with marine intrusion and tidal influence.

Parameters to be treated


-2 sources in unsaturated zone (UZ), moderately light and heavy hydrocarbons C12-C35.

-Plume of Light Non-Aqueous Phase Liquid (LNAPL) by a mixture of hydrocarbons and dissolved phase in aquifer (2.800 m2)


-Soil washing in UZ in source area by infiltration of surfactants and biostimulants.

-Explosive atmosphere (EXAT) of DPE high vacuum.

-Filtration of gases by activated carbon, decantation-separation of the liquid phase.

-Bioestimulation in the UZ of the source area.

Results obtained

-0,6 m3 free-phase recovery and 500 m3 of polluted water treatment


-1.5 years: October 2014 – Present

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