Decontamination of groundwater in Vilanova I la Geltrú plant


Conceptual framework

  • Automobile components historic company of 9 Ha.
  • Industrial plant near to the coast and urban centre.
  • Deep confined aquifer. Water-table level around 25 m of depth.
  • Old contamination focus, delimit.
  • It is presented initially a hydraulic barrier for stopping the migration of pollution plum and have the leisure to research the unsaturated zone.

Parameters to address

  • Affectation for hydrocarbons. Floating free phase pollution plum over 2.000 m2.
  • Affectation for organohalogenated compounds (trichlorethylene, tetrachlorethylene and vinyl chloride).
  • Affectation for heavy metals (antimony, chromium VI…).


  • Hydraulic barrier with automatic pneumatic pumps downstream.
  • Separation and decantation of DNALP.
  • Filtration system by activated carbon and iron zerovalent particles (Fe0).

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