Fuel spill in rainwater network of A-2 in Montmaneu


Conceptual framework

  • Fuel spill affecting the rainwater network that goes near A-2 in Montmaneu.
  • Affected section of 900 linear meters of aerial (300 m) and buried (600 m) grooving.

Cleaning result

  • 5,6 tons solid waste moved away.
  • 16 m3 hydrocarbon waters moved away.


  1. Delimit affected area.
  2. Remove accumulated sediments with fuel from accessible areas à manually / rotary excavator
  3. Remove accumulated sediments with fuel from non-accessible areas à tanker truck / pression pumps
  4. Temporary collection of solid waste.
  5. Sampling of the remaining soil to verify the sanitation carried out.
  6. Transport and final management of all waste generated during environmental improvement actions.

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