Conceptual framework

  • Presence of an affection of hydrocarbon pure product of an approximate area of 4.500 m2, as well as the presence of chlorinated solvents and dissolved chromium. Estimation of a presence of about 650 m3 of pure product.
  • Need for extraction of the pure product and reduction of contamination in the saturated zone.


  • Delimitation of the affection:
    Execution of characterization campaigns of the underground environment to delimit and enclose the affection detected in ZS.
  • Containment system:
    Implementation of a hydraulic barrier at the downstream plume limit as a measure to contain the expansion of the detected condition.
  • Elimination of affected focus:
    Detection of buried tank with product accumulation. Excavation of the ZNS around the tank as a measure to eliminate secondary focus and deposit extraction.
  • Implementation of Full Scale remediation system:
    Design, sizing and assembly of a remediation system based on a Pump&Treat with the particularity of installing selective modules for optimization of pure product extraction.
    Treatment train consisting of a decanter/separator for the selective removal of the recovered product and its subsequent management/valuation. Automated equipment for transporting the product to the storage tank using an automatic system of product detection probes and pneumatic membrane pump.
    Water treatment train based on a hydrocarbon separator, stripping system, air activated carbon, water activated carbon and ZVI treatment.

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