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After years of research, born NANEAU process. It can treat by injection, soil and groundwater with particles of a diameter less than 5.000 times a human hair.

The extreme reactivity of nanoparticles allows the process to degrade the recalcitrant contaminants, even at high concentrations, and greatly limit the formation of by-products of degradation.

  • Trihalomethanes-chloromethane: Other polychlorinated hydrocarbons: PCBs, dioxins, hexachlorobutadiene.
  • Chlorobenzene-dichloroethane: Other organic compounds: NMDA, TNT
  • Pesticides (DDT, lindane) – ·Chloromethane: inorganic anions: perchlorate, nitrate, Cr VI and As.

The NANEAU process focuses on the treatment focus area, in particular in context of buildings in operation or in a complex urban context with access restrictions.