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The result of 18 years of experience, the H2OTECHS process is based on a physical reverse osmosis filtration technique. This technique uses semipermeable membranes allowing only the water molecule to pass and stopping the salts, as well as a majority of organic and inorganic pollutants.

Our laboratory has tools for selecting membranes and sizing the process. This strategic step allows us to commit to a treatment technique guaranteeing a quality of treated water compatible with discharge or reuse on site.

We offer a solution integrating all the services:

  • treatability studies (labs and pilots)
  • design/construction of treatment units
  • on-site operation

Our offers are based on a commitment to results, whether for the provision of services or the sale of units.

H2OTECHS treatment applies to a wide range of effluents: landfill leachate and other industrial water. The simplicity of implementation of the technique (mobile processing container) offers us an ease and speed of intervention compatible with the constraints of your sites.