GEOAMBIENT has a team with a lot of experience in the installation of biological wastewater treatment plants of the “rush filters” type.

It is a totally natural wastewater treatment by means of rush plantations, it is a treatment destined to populations with less than 2.000 inhabitants.

The procedure is the following: the wastewater passes through a first mechanical filter and a sand decanter, and then is injected into two rush filters. Bacteria are responsible for purifying water by reducing the organic matter and present nutrients, and rushes are responsible for oxygenating the soil to achieve optimal conditions for the right functioning of bacteria.

It is a system with a wide range of benefits: few supplies are needed, and no chemicals products are used, it has a lifetime of more than 20 years, no maintenance needed, it is integrated into the landscape, it is economical and efficient.


ROSEAULIX is a method of treatment by filtering by reed plant. It is used for leachate of non-hazardous waste storage facilities.

Conceived in a natural principle, the purification is carried out by the symbiosis of bacteria and plants growing on the substrate surface.

Purification performances are over 95% in MES, COD and NGL parameters allowing the discharge of water in the natural environment in compliance with current regulations.

Low power consumption (low installed capacity of 5-20 kW).

Automatic and telematic control (Permanent field technician not required).

Simplified maintenance similar to the green spaces management.