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Search for innovative decontamination solutions for Bilbao, Trieste and Seixal

BRODISE. Brownfield Decontamination In Southern Europe

SERFIM DECONTAMINATION has been invited in July 2016 as a speaker at technical conferences organized by BRODISE of the European Union in the Horizon 2020 program.

The program is an action of coordination and support between 11 partners established in three countries (Spain, Italy and Portugal) to study the technical requirements to implement a future with innovative public procurement to give a new treatment to soil decontamination.

Brownfield sites typically refers to abandoned or underused industrial and commercial properties—such as old process plants, mining sites, and landfills—that are available but contain low levels of environmental contaminants that may complicate reuse or redevelopment of the land. Such sites represent a major environmental challenge, especially in developed countries that have seen the closing or abandonment of many industrial facilities in the past several decades.

Development on brownfield sites reduces the demand for undeveloped land for the construction of new energy facilities, thus helping to preserve green spaces, deserts and land carbon sinks.

Whatever the reason for environmental contamination, the removal or neutralization of pollutants is complex and necessary before people can inhabit these areas safely or wildlife can return.

In the southern Europe governments have several roles regarding historical brownfields, as are environmental regulators, planners, urban development and land use, and many holders of property rights of these soils. All this carries a serious responsibility that can drive them to assume the role of public purchaser of innovative solutions for the decontamination of soils, which can then be applied by them or by the subjects involved in the remediation.

Bilbao, Zorrotzaurre lived an era of industrial strength in the mid-sixties that was enhanced with the opening of Deusto canal by the Port of Bilbao, which was never completed.

In this scenario various industrial activities, mainly those related to port activity on both sides of the channel as well as other productive uses that were established in ancient Ribera de Deusto were consolidated.

However, the economic crisis of the 70 affected very significantly to this industrial network which thereafter began a gradual decline that resulted in the abandonment of part of industrial activity and the deterioration of living standards of the area as consequence of aging buildings and public and private spaces.

DECONTAMINATION SERFIN brings all his experience in this project, in order to design and implement a decontamination technique can be effective in this case and other similar cases.


Autor: Albert Sabanès

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