In order to control the quality of effluents from industrial waste water treatments, GEOAMBIENT performs self-monitoring of waste water service offering sampling, analysis and report writing.

Depending on the results, GEOAMBIENT promotes appropriates recommendations to improve the water quality.

ROSEAULIX is a method of treatment by filtering by reed plant. It is used for leachate of non-hazardous waste storage facilities.

Conceived in a natural principle, the purification is carried out by the symbiosis of bacteria and plants growing on the substrate surface.

Purification performances are over 95% in MES, COD and NGL parameters allowing the discharge of water in the natural environment in compliance with current regulations.

Low power consumption (low installed capacity of 5-20 kW).

Automatic and telematic control (Permanent field technician not required).

Simplified maintenance similar to the green spaces management.