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Accrediation as an environmental inspection body in the field of soil and groundwater according to ISO-EN-UNE 17020.


Since may 2020, GEOAMBIENT is accredited ENAC with the nº507/EI769 as an environmental inspection body un the field of soil and groundwater related, including quantitative risk analysis in accordance with UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17020. Recently GEOAMBIENT extended the scope of ENAC accreditation to waste inspection.

You can consult the updated technical annex associated with the scope of accreditation by clicking here and request the list of normative documents by sending an email to

ENAC accreditation values the quality of the services provided by GEOAMBIENT in the inspection of potentially contaminated soils and associated groundwater, as well as in the performance of quantitative risk analyses and waste inspection. It also guarantees the application of standardised action protocols in the context of these inspection activities and compliance with the regulations in force. You can request the list of regulatory documents by sending an email to

More specifically, the accredited activities are the design and execution of soil quality assessments associated with potentially polluting activities, facilities or actions, for the production of :

  • Status reports (baseline or initial, supplementary, periodic, following a change of activity, land use or decommissioning…);
  • Quantitative risk analysis;
  • Decontamination monitoring and control reports;
  • Verification/certification of decontamination reports.

Accredited activities for the characterisation of waste according to its composition, presence, behaviour and toxicological effects, for :

  • Recovery/disposal operations;
  • Classification of hazardous/non-hazardous waste;
  • Allocation of an ERL code.

Otras acreditaciones

In addition to the ENAC accreditation, GEOAMBIENT is recognised as an environmental inspection body for soil and groundwater associated with the following autonomous communities:

Since 2019, GEOAMBIENT is an inspection entity in the sectoral area of soil contamination prevention (EC-SOL) for the sub-areas of research (I), quantitative risk analysis (QRA) and decontamination projects (PD) of the subsoil in Catalonia with the registration number 113-EC-SOL-R. You can consult the current technical annex and the list of authorised technical personnel by clicking here.

GEOAMBIENT also has the necessary authorization to carry out research and decontamination work in the rest of the autonomous communities, carrying out projects in Madrid, the Balearic Islands, Castilla y Leon, the Canary Islands, Galicia, Extremadura, Aragón, the Valencian Community and Asturias.