Accreditation as an Environmental Inspection entity in the field of Soils and associated Groundwater under the rule ISO-EN-UNE 17020.

GEOAMBIENT is accredited by ENAC with No. 507/EI769 as an environmental inspection entity in the field of soils and associated groundwater, including Quantitative Risk Analysis under the rule UNE-EN ISO / IEC 17020.

You can consult the updated technical annex associated in reach of the accreditation by clicking here.

ENAC accreditation values the quality of the services provided by GEOAMBIENT in the inspection of potentially contaminated soils, associated groundwater, as well as in the performance of Quantitative Risk Analysis. Moreover, it guarantees the application of standardized action protocols in relation to said inspections activities and the compliance of current regulations.

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Specifically, the accredited activities are the design and execution of soil quality evaluations associated with facility activities, or potentially polluting actions, to carry out:

  • Status reports (base or starting, supplementary, periodic, activity change, land use or closure…).
  • Quantitative Risk Analysis.
  • Decontamination monitoring and control reports.
  • Decontamination verification / certification reports.


In addition to the ENAC accreditation, GEOAMBIENT has the recognition of its actions as an entity for the environmental inspection of soils and associated groundwater in the following autonomous communities:

Generalitat of Catalonia

Control entity in the sectoral field of Soil Pollution Prevention (EC-SOL) for the subfields of action of Research (R), Quantitative Risk Analysis (QRA) and Subsoil Decontamination Projects (DP) in Catalonia with the registration number 113-EC-SOL-R.

You can consult the current technical annex and the list of qualified technical personnel by clicking here.

Valencian Community

Collaborating Entity in Environmental Quality Subjects (ECMCA) in the field of contaminated soils and waste, with registration number 149/ECMCA.

Junta of Castilla y León

Accredited control organization (OCA) for inspection in the environmental area of soils and associated groundwater.

Junta of Andalucia

Collaborating entity of the Ministry of the Environment of Andalucia Junta in Environmental Quality Subjects.

Junta of Extremadura

Collaborating entity of the Autonomous Community of Extremadura in the Subject of Contaminated Soils.

Canary Islands Community

Collaborating Entity on environmental pollution in the Community of the Canary Islands.

Community of Castilla-La Mancha

Entity authorized by the Community of Castilla-La Mancha for the monitoring and control of activities subject to environmental impact assessment, for the areas of water and soil.

Xunta of Galicia

Authorized control organization (OCA) in the field of Environmental Quality for soil inspection.

Principality of Asturias

Environmental Control Agency of the Principality of Asturias for the field of action in contaminated soils and associated groundwater.

Region of Murcia

Collaborating Entity on Environmental Quality in the Murcia region for the diagnosis of contaminated soils.